Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy

Financial Consultant: Nashua

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Phone: (800) 553-5352
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Our goal is to take the steps necessary to understand who you are and match up your financial goals with the appropriate investments in meeting your financial objectives.

We will do an income evaluation to determine the investments that will fit your necessary timeframe. Our primary focus is helping to create a minimum income stream to cover your annual expenses; as well as income that will help last the rest of your life during both up and down markets. Your financial plan will be designed to give you financial independence entering retirement.

We know how individuals need to prepare for retirement and how to preserve and transfer wealth in the most efficient manner. We always take the time to educate our clients on their financial investments and goals, while being aware of personal goals they also have in mind.

Our primary mission is to create personalized portfolios using appropriate investment vehicles that may provide for liquidity, flexibility and growth for the future. Bottom line, we need to figure out where you are going before we can put a strategy in place to get you there.